Golden Theoria is a Canadian not-for-profit that offers life and job skills training, support and positivity to the imprisoned population in Toronto.

We offer personal and professional development courses in maximum-security jails.

As of 2017, Golden Theoria has taught over 250 students at the Toronto South Detention Centre. Our professional development program, Job Readiness, was launched in October 2016. While our personal development program, The Butterfly Project, was launched in January 2018.

Our approach to prison education is strongly guided by the influence and wisdom of Saint Moses the Ethiopian who was known for his non-violent, non-judgemental characteristics.

We are focused on teaching PPCC Values: Peace, Patience, Compassion, and Contemplation, which is a spiritual meditation in which a person is in deep, thoughtful reflection.

Our goal is to provide students with valuable life and job skills, as well as the belief, confidence, and self-awareness they need to write a new life story.

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