Theoria means to “look at” the Divine or “lovingly contemplate God” with the aim of being in union with the Divine.

Theoria comes from the Latin word contemplatio which means the process of coming to know God through prayer.

It is the looking at, beholding and conceiving of truth in your:

  • The reason, or nous, human intelligence: how to do things, solve problems and make decisions.
  • Wisdom, or sophia, spiritual knowledge: beholding, contemplating, thinking about, the reality itself, looking at the truth.

Mission and Purpose

The aim of theoria is to transform and enlighten your human energy by focusing it on God.

Theoria is contemplation with the ultimate goal of illumination, which is seeing things as they actually are with the vision of God.

The three stages of illumination are:

  1. Purification of mind and body
  2. Theoria or Illumination, aligning or turning your mind towards God
  3. Theosis or Synergy, the cooperation of your mind, body, and spirit with Divine energy

We seek to incorporate the PPCC values of Peace, Patience, Compassion, and Contemplation into our job and life skills training with the hope of supporting our students’ personal and professional development.

Our mission is to inspire students to focus on the light and keep moving forward.

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